Is Safety Really That Safe?

Emilie Miller, Writer

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Safety is a big deal for students while they’re at school. It is a top priority and students need to stay safe. But, are adults truly taking enough precautions to keep students safe while they are at school?

Schools have three top priorities: education, the students, and safety. Many adults and students take safety seriously while others do not. This is a problem because there are many more students than teachers and both groups need to know what to do in case of an emergency. This is why we have drills. Drills are supposed to be required to be practiced on a monthly basis and should be conducted depending on their likelihood to occur.

“I believe that safety is not taken seriously although fire drills are conducted on a monthly basis,” said 12th grader Sarah Miller. “Other drills should be performed on a monthly basis so that if something other than a fire occurs, we know what to do.”

“I do not feel like there are enough drills at school because we hardly go over them,” said 7th grader Leilani Suavageau. “I believe we should practice more and introduce more drills.”

Safety protocols can vary depending on the school or grade level. Fire drills, lockouts, and lockdowns can look different between different schools. This can be because it is a different school or district. This should not matter because safety is a universal thing and should be understood by everyone. It is so then everyone is calm and collected during an emergency.

“High school safety is not different from jr. high safety,” Miller said. “This is because safety should be the same at all schools and it should be the number one priority.”

“I believe that since we are in jr. high, that all students would know what to do and be calm,” Suavageau said.

Corbett and other schools in the SCUC school district have been releasing new safety videos. These are being used to introduce new methods of safety so we are all prepared in case of an emergency.

“Although there are new safety protocols, I still feel safer in high school because teachers have to lock their doors so that people that don’t belong at the school can’t get in,” Miller said.

“Although there are new protocols, I still don’t think that something bad would happen at our school because it feels like a good, safe environment,” Suavageau said.

All students should feel safe at school because it is a learning environment and distractions such as safety problems can divert student’s attention away from the subject being taught and onto the idea of safety. School should be a safe place for people to learn and not have to worry about the outside world.

“I do not feel safe at school because anything can happen at school. For example: just because you are warned into a lockdown, doesn’t mean you are safe. I don’t think it is safe to feel safe anywhere anymore. You need to pay attention to your surroundings,” said Miller.


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Is Safety Really That Safe?