Taking Back Summer Fun

Alexis Best, writer

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Warning! Warning! Summer is creeping around the corner, are you prepared? Or are you going to have a boring summer like everyone else? If you want to escape from the clutches of boredom, and in a cheap manner, then I have a list of fun for you.

Grace Cox, a corbett student, says summer is just a time to exist. She doesn’t like summer since she is always bored. But this summer, she plans on taking back her summer fun.

Are you kid who loves the water? Or do you want to show off your summer body? Well then go to your community pool. Obvious, I know. But if your parents won’t  buy a pass to the community pool, then go to the dollar store and get water balloons and water guns(it’s only a dollar). Then grab your hose your family and friends and bring on the water fight! It’s easy, cheap, and a lot of fun!

Cox and Aleah Faldlen, another corbett student, both agree the easiest way for her to get out of the house is to go to her pool and swim with friends.

How about a movie? And no not the ones in the movie theatre or on t.v. What if you were the star of the movie? The director, the writer, the camera man. How about you make your own movie? Just by using your phone/tablet, a friend or sibling, and an idea! Be the Maker not the Watcher.

Cox says a good summer to her is shopping at the mall and hanging with friends, but why stop there?

The Mall. What a magical and mysterious place. But it has more than one use of just shopping. You could always run around and play tag or hide-n-seek or both! Just be careful and don’t cause much of ruckus otherwise the “Bad Guys” will find you.

What’s a summer without pranks? So if you want to lighten up the mood in your house then grab some money and go to the dollar store. But why? Go with a prank in mind, grab some cheap tools, and let your creativity flow.
Here’s the trick to a great summer; be creative with the people you love. Let’s go out and bring an end to boring summers of endless T.V. Let’s make this summer one to remember.  

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Taking Back Summer Fun