Can there be an end to bullying?

Helena Winton, Writer

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Students at Corbett Jr. High and schools around the world get bullied daily. Nobody knows why or how to prevent it or why it even happens. Only the ones who have dealt with it know how to manage.

Students have to deal with bullies. There are a lot of different ways to deal with a bully; like standing up to them, telling someone you trust, or just letting it go. For some, dealing with a bully is harder than it seems.

“I would stand up to a bully and help others to show that it won’t phase us,” said Brylee Brant, a sixth grade girl.

Society today can bring someone down in the blink of an eye. Like being rude about appearance, clothes, or for no good reason at all. Social media alone gives harsh values and labels to a person. If bullying was stopped, the world would be a better place.

“I think there wouldn’t be any more groups or cliques and everyone would get along,” said Jesse Gonzales, a seventh grade boy.

Most people stay clueless as to why bullies do what they do. Some may do it because they want to look cool, they are upset and want to let anger out, or do it just for laughs. If people knew why, could they do something to prevent it?

“I think they go through hard times so they feel the need to do it to others which isn’t ok,” said Brant.

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Can there be an end to bullying?