Students Feel Stress Over STAAR

Landry Kelley, Writer

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Students are feeling a lot of stress about STAAR. Parents, teachers, friends; they’re all the cause of it. Time is also a factor, having to spend only a week before a STAAR test relearning everything you were taught in about a nine-month period, combined with the anxiety that is gained from waiting for the STAAR to arrive already.

Teachers cause students most of the stress they have by work preparation, reviews, and constant reminders of how important the STAAR is. In every class that there is a STAAR test, you spend about a month reviewing everything you were taught, but the last week of that is when teachers try to squeeze in as much as possible of that subject.

Yakira Johnson, a seventh grade student, said that she thinks that teachers just want the best for them and for them to do well on the STAAR tests.

Parents don’t think that teachers cause stress upon students as much as students bring it upon themselves by thinking about everything that could go wrong with the STAAR, like failing it.

“Students are the cause of stress. They overthink,” said a parent.

Students believe that parents are also a big cause of the stress from telling them how important it is to succeed on the STAAR.

“Some parents put a lot of pressure on their kids to have all A’s or tell them that they can’t fail the most important test of the year, but they don’t know that they continuously tell their children these things and it stresses them out,” said Johnson.

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Students Feel Stress Over STAAR