Attack On Titan updates after four years

Lash McManus, Writer

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After four years of waiting, the hit anime Attack on Titan was updated on April 1, 2017 in Japan and on several websites worldwide.

The story follows a boy named Eren Jaeger, who is determined to journey outside the walls of the cities to see the world he is entitled to. But to do that, he and his friends must kill all the titans, which are huge, strong, and bloodthirsty. They join the Survey Corps and kill for their freedom.

Attack on Titan is an anime and manga that is described as the Japanese version of the Walking Dead, and for a good reason. There have been about 123 character deaths in the manga. An eighth grade said they live in fear everyday of their favorite character dying. They said they would hunt down and kill the creator if their favorite character dies, but not literally of course.

Finally, after four years of waiting, the anime will have a season two. A seventh grade student says they’ve been waiting two years for this new season and an eighth grade student says that they are excited to see death in color after reading the manga.

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Attack On Titan updates after four years