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Brooke Rogers, Writer

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Leaving the easy doors of junior high and entering the intimidating doors of high school signifies a terrifying yet huge milestone for the lot of us.  So, what are current eighth graders initial thoughts on their first days of high school approaching just around the corner?

Next year, high schools like Steele and Clemens will adopt this new generation of students and watch as the future of their schools are shaped with fresh minds.  Many students are ready to take on the so-called “life lessons” that await them in high school, while other students that are trying out for a sport or advanced AP or IB course class work up their nerves due to the horror stories from perhaps a relative or teacher.

“I’m going to Clemens which is a very big school. It kind of intimidates me, but I’m looking forward to next year because I’m going to be on the cheer team,” said Alyssa Perez.

There are particular ticks about high schools that could come off as a bit intimidating for younger people.  The schools are big, classes and teachers are harder, and you will be walking the same halls as upperclassmen, students that are much more mature than that of an incoming freshman. By putting aside these ticks you can be optimistic and look forward to new and important experiences that lie through those double doors.

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Turning a Page