The Power of Music

Mikyla Paduganan, Writer

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Music has always played a big part in our society. It gives people a reason to live through every day with a bounce in their step and a smile on their face. Music is a reflection of our society and the era we live in. Back in the 1940’s, swing was the main form of music and dance. Nowadays, we have dance trends and most of us are at least familiar with rap songs. As society evolved, so did music.

Swing was dominant in the 1940’s, R&B in the 1990’s, and rap nowadays. Music has evolved to fit the society we live in, but society is also affected by the music. As a general example, the scenarios and idealistic portrayals of people in music affect both men and women alike. Men are convinced they have to have a certain number in their bank account to win over a woman and women think they should look a certain way to win over a man.

“I think that music is very influential to society and affects how we think about ourselves and other people, for better or for worse.  Even I am starting to feel the pressure of how society wants me to be,” said Angie Trotter, a Corbett student.

The evolution of music means that we constantly have reasons to listen to it. Most people listen to music for recreational purposes, some listen to work out, and some listen to music because it helps them focus on their work. For a rare but not impossible percentage of the human population, making music is their career whether it be producing, song writing, or singing.

“I listen to music while I’m doing my homework to distract me from everything else around me,” Said Trotter.

In the music industry, there are artists that influence people to appreciate music more and more, but the artists who create music are not just producers, songwriters or singers. They are humans with many talents and the platform to do something with those talents and other aspirations. Some use their wealth to donate to charity or organizations. Others use their fame to speak out against global subjects that may be uncomfortable to talk about as a society. These are all wonderful things to do as a more fortunate person, but one thing all celebrities (especially those in the music industry) have in common is the power to inspire generations below them, the average young adults in the world, to do as they do without the fame or fortune.

“I love Selena Gomez! I grew up watching her on TV and watched her career blossom in the music industry and all her songs always have a good message in them. She is just so inspirational,” gushed Trotter.

Music is a powerful force to be reckoned with, as it is a very influential part of our way of life. It has been around for a very long time, and it does not take a genius to know that it will continue to be around for many more. Enjoy listening to music and making music for it may be one of the only stitches that pull our society together. Lastly, find yourself in music and be inspired by it to inspire others.


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The Power of Music