Summer Time, Fun Time

Joy Johnson, writer

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Summer is full of warm weather, friends, family, and fun. School is out and students have a lot of free time! What do they do?

Summer’s most popular place is the beach. The beach is full of water, sand, sun, and fun! Lots of people love the beach because the water is endless and very calming.

“One of my favorite things to do during summer is to go to the beach. I love sitting and watching waves,” said Elizabeth Johnson, parent.

Summer isn’t only about the beach, it’s also about leaving your state, city, or even country. 45% of Americans take summer vacations. You could be leaving for family, a cruise, or even a special gathering.

“I leave Texas during the break because my family lives out of state,” said Dayton White, 7th grader.

Most importantly, summer is about making memories and taking time off. Whether you are at the beach, city, park, lake, or resorts, you will always make your very best memories with your closest friends and family.

“I’m excited for summer, because we make lots of memories and have fun!” said Johnson.



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Summer Time, Fun Time