Social Media Saves Lives

Sia Proctor, Writer

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Do you have social media? Social Media is used by people of all ages and, is a great way to stay connected and know what’s going on in the world around you. It makes people feel like they’re part of something bigger than just their everyday life; where they may feel left out and abandoned. Social media is also a good outlet for people to express the feeling that they may be too afraid to share in real life.

Over 50% of people learn about breaking news on social media. Learning newly received information about an event that is currently occurring or developing is very important. Being the first to know about something taking place in our world could be very useful to you and everyone around you.

“Being the first to know about something can be very useful. For example let’s say you’re scrolling through Facebook, and you see that one of your friends posted about getting exclusive concert tickets. So sense you were the first to see the post could buy those tickets,” says Sophia Uribe a, 7th grade student here at Corbett.

Social media sites allow people to connect with their friends, family, and even new friends. 52% of teen use social to stay in touch.

“I’ve been able to stay in touch with my friend through social media,” says Sarah, seventh grader here at Corbett.

Social media can help save lives by allowing people to educate, communicate, and fund-raise for important causes. One of those important causes being spreading awareness for dilemmas in our daily lives. One example of this is the ice bucket challenge.

Another way social media helps save lives is by preventing suicide. Many people’s lives have been saved by someone on social media. One example of this is when people are afraid to talk about what they feel, so they post about it on line.

Social media is so often bashed and labeled as bad, but it has been able to affect many people’s lives for the better.

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Social Media Saves Lives