Perfume in Schools

Emma Browne, Writer

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Students and teachers argue over many topics, like homework and dress code. But should they argue over such a minor issue as perfume? For the students it seems like a big deal, but is it really worth it?

The disagreement between teachers and students over perfume is a big deal for some. They seem to think that if they can’t reapply perfume or cologne every class period that they will suddenly smell horrible, but that’s not the case. Teachers, and some students, don’t appreciate having to walk through huge clouds of perfume and cologne when trying to make it through the hallways.

“Getting to class is hard enough already, but when I’m choking on Axe it’s even harder,” said a seventh grader sarcastically.

“Students need to learn how to use their perfume or cologne in moderation. Then maybe teachers will make less of a big deal about it,” said an eighth grade teacher.

Along with the scent of the perfume, some students have severe allergies to the perfumes. It could cause them to have an allergic reaction, or an asthma attack. The nurse for example, doesn’t allow any kind of scents in her office. This helps to prevent any kind of reaction.

“I understand that people are allergic, but when they’re at the mall or some other place they’ll have to deal with people’s perfumes, so why can’t they deal with it at school too,” questioned an eighth grader.

“Students need to understand that their peers could be allergic to stuff like perfume, they wouldn’t want to be responsible for their peers having to go home because of an allergic reaction, would they?” said an eighth grade teacher.

Students say that if they aren’t allowed to use perfume at school, then some people might get bad B.O, which would make being in classes with them uncomfortable.

“There’s some kids who, even with the option of using perfume, still don’t use it. It makes class really uncomfortable,” said a seventh grader.

The issue of using perfume at school has a simple solution, just don’t over use perfume. If the students who overuse perfume learned to use a normal amount, then there would be less of a problem. Maybe instead of spraying perfume in the classroom, students could spray perfume in the hallways instead, that way the perfume can  spread around instead of staying in one spot.

“Students just need to learn how much is too much,” said a seventh grade teacher.

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Perfume in Schools