What is Wrong with the Raiders Moving to Las Vegas

Max Webb, Writer

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The Raiders stadium in Vegas is set to be built before the start of the 2019 season, after being approved in the meeting at the NFL headquarters with a vote taken, 31-1. With the Miami Dolphins not wanting them to move because they believe teams should stay where they are because it will cost too much and be a waste of money.

“Sometimes Change is a good thing, they will have a newer and better stadium, but they will lose/ gain a lot of fans,” Sarynn 7th grader at Corbett.

Along with them moving, they also acquired arguably the best running back in the west, Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch out of retirement/ Seattle Seahawks, who plans to play with the Raiders for the 2017 football season and then some.

“I think that they should keep their logo the same as a remembrance of their old town, I do think that they should have stayed in Oakland because they will lose a lot of fans, and there was nothing wrong with Oakland, ”said Vincent Padula 8th grader at Corbett.

Now let us talk cost, because there is a lot of it, $1.9 billion to be precise. Only $1.35 of that will be for the construction, because you will have $375 million for the land and infrastructure, along with $100 million for practice facilities, but they will have just $100 million around for extra stuff they may or may not include (extras).

“ I don’t know how the fans will react but they will always have a least 100 that will still stay with them by buying season tickets, but there will be a few for sure that will move closer so they can be by them,” said Padula.


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What is Wrong with the Raiders Moving to Las Vegas