Students face consequences for bringing drugs to school

Haley Welker, writer

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Students in middle and high school take drugs as an experiment, but having or taking drugs in school is not good. Most students get addicted and start to behave differently. Not to mention the long term effects of getting caught with the drug. You could have trouble getting into college or even getting a good job. There are many things that could happen if you take drugs as a student.

There are many dangers in taking drugs. Some dangers may include a strong addiction, impaired thinking, decreased memory, learning disability, and many more dangers.

Nathen Willms, eighth grade student, says,” Drugs can mess you up mentally and can affect you physically. The drug can cloud the brain and make you incapable of making good decisions.”

Some students get caught while taking drugs or even giving it to someone. Teachers find the drugs on a student even when it isn’t being taken. Students could get into great trouble if they are caught with any. Some consequences would include suspension or being put into an alternative school.

“When I deal with a student with the drug, I usually alert administration and the counselors,” stated Mrs. Mann, an eighth grade art teacher.

The most common drug found on a student is marijuana. Marijuana is said to be the easiest drug to get.

“Marijuana is the most common drug I have found on a student,” said Mrs. Mann.

Students have many different reasons for bringing the drugs to school. They either want money off of it or to look cool in front of other people.

“I think they bring drugs to school because they think it’s cool and want to show it off to other people,” said Nathen Willms.



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Students face consequences for bringing drugs to school