Technology has Changed the Way we Live

Kailey Driesbach, Writer

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Technology can affect the way we live our lives on the daily. However, sometimes our generation does not realize what life is like without a phone or computer at reach all the time. By texting, you cannot read emotions, you can only see and hear emotions. That is just one of the things technology has changed.

Life hasn’t changed, technology has just changed the way we live in it.  Getting together with friends back then included finding a place to meet and hoping that everyone showed up.  Nowadays getting together with friends includes texting everyone, finding a place and making sure everyone can go.  Even hanging out with friends has changed in a few 35 years; let alone talking to one another in person.

“We would have a meeting place at school in order to hang out or go somewhere,” Brandon Driesbach says, who lived in the 1980’s.

Social media has changed the way we live our lives. Teens in today’s era worry about what trends are happening, what the perfect look is, what clothes to wear, who is dating who, and much more added worries.  Although many people believe that we can live without social media due to added stress, social media also has its benefits.  Social media has given the world a new way to communicate and update everyone on the latest news in our lives.

“All the girls want to know the trends, what their friends are doing and what they need to look like. Teens don’t even connect with the outside world,”  Lauren Alongi, eighth grader at Corbett Jr. High, says.

“We don’t need social media because you get too worried about what everyone is doing and how everyone looks,” Driesbach says.

Talking in the 1980’s included having a face to face conversation and that was it.  Now days, most of our generation consider talking to someone as texting.  Face to face conversations help people have communitation skills rather than texting skills.  Sometimes you can be sitting right next to a friend and they could be texting someone when they could be talking to you.  People and teens did not have as many distractions on the day-to-day life as we do in this era.  Now, when you should be doing homework you can find yourself on your phone wasting valuable time.  While you could be outside on a sunny day sometimes, we just play on our phone, computer, or watch TV.

“We didn’t have as many distractions, more face to face interactions. We went out and did stuff and we didn’t have to worry about social media,”  Driesbach said.

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Technology has Changed the Way we Live