BVYA Season for the Cleveland Indians

Jason Osburn, writer

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Currently playing for the BVYA at the Schertz Ballpark, the Cleveland Indians are now halfway through their baseball season.

  To play baseball in an association like this one it actually costs money so it really means something. Athletes have the opportunities to advance to all-stars, even to have the attempt to play out of state. Here athletes can actually learn to improve and be determined to do what they love, baseball. This is partially a league that is not just for fun, but is kind of competition. So here the baseball team for this 2017 year on the Pony League of the Cleveland Indians.


The team consists of 12 people on the Cleveland Indians team. They have decent people and a couple backups, like they have like 4 pitchers and 2 catchers. Also, this isn’t the fastest team, the best team, oldest, slowest, and best at batting. They’re right in the middle, on what the team can do and accomplish. However, the Indians could do way more and accomplish so much, but practice is needed way more and to not make so many errors.

“To do way better we need to fix our errors, and then we’ll do better,” said Augie Perez.


  The Indians are a determined to win kind of team, hard work, all in or out. As in a game, not so long they pulled off a 2-0 for 5 innings until the 6th when it went to 2-1 then losing at the last second by the other team by letting them gain another 3 runs. This team, you can tell is hard working but also determined to still keep playing hard.

“As a team, we have to be determined, if not why play?” said Cole Reising


Lastly, this team is huge mentally and physically. By practice, they work hard and they fix anything that they have had an error on in the past like in games or past practices. This season so many people have even gotten hurt and injures from playing. Having this being said, it lets us know that they are actually trying hard. No matter being hurt or anything, they are still up to play.

”Tyler and I are hurt and he has an injury, but still I am playing baseball. I won’t give up,” said Brandon.

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  1. Anthony Peralez on May 25th, 2017 9:31 am

    wow nice story


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BVYA Season for the Cleveland Indians