Warped Tour

Taylor Davis

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Warped Tour is a yearly music festival that goes throughout the summer. Many different types of bands can play there, including rock, hard rock, alternative, and pop-punk. You can watch the bands perform, meet the members, take lessons lead by the artists themselves, and much more.

The main part of Warped is seeing your favourite bands perform live. All tickets are general admission, so you can watch anyone you want! Although, if you want a good spot at one of the shows, you need to come in pretty early.

“Warped Tour was a lot of fun. I got to meet new people and watch my favourite bands,” said Davis, a seventh grader.

It’s not just watching performances, you can meet the members, take classes, and buy merchandise. There are also free water stations and a place for parents to rest while their kids have fun.
“I took guitar lessons with Frank Iero before his band broke up,” said Penelope, a seventh grader.
Although it’s good to have fun, there are some important things to remember. Stuff like bringing water, wearing comfortable clothing, and bringing money are all things to remember when at Warped Tour.

“Stay away from the middle of crowds during a concert, that’s moshing area. Bring water and money, too,” said Davis.

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Warped Tour