Views on Gun Control Teachers vs Students

Harrison Frost, Writer

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In today’s world, gun violence and gun control are highly debated topics. The debates range all the way from removing all guns in America to less restrictive gun laws. Every night on various news channels, “talking heads” give their opinions on gun control, but what do the teachers and students here at Corbett think?

When asked about the mass shooting in Las Vegas last month,  all but one teacher and one student thought what happened could have been avoided. However, Mr. Rodriguez said, “If you try to prevent people from using guns, they will just use baseball bats and other items.” But, Elijah Jones, who is for more gun control said, ”If the hotel checked for guns it could’ve been avoided.”  


The majority of students thought that there should be more gun control.  Jacoby Turner said, “In Louisiana, you can own a gun and walk around with it, without the cops shooting you.  I don’t think that’s safe.”   


There are many pros and cons to gun control. Some experts and political leaders express that if we had more gun control laws, such as mandatory safety features and limiting magazine capacity (the number of bullets), gun deaths would go down. Alternatively, opposing experts and opposing political leaders believe that imposing gun control laws would be unconstitutional and deny that right of self-defense. Another con of more gun control is that it won’t stop criminals from getting guns. Studies show that guns used by criminals are obtained from illegal means.


When asked, “ What do think would happen if more people had more guns”, Evan Mcwhirt said, “ I think gun violence  would go down because they would be afraid to shoot each other.”


There seems to be a split opinion between the teachers and the students. Most teachers thought that the existing gun laws were fine, but most students thought that we need more gun control laws. It is interesting to see what the older generation here at Corbett thinks, versus what the younger generation thinks.

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Views on Gun Control Teachers vs Students