Lives of Teachers Outside School

Anthony Rizzs, writer

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Teachers,we see them when we walk in school every day and when we leave they disappear out of our lives until we get to school the next day. But have you ever wondered what teachers do when they get home or things that they enjoy? Or what things they have to do other  than teach children all day?


What would different types of days be like for types of teachers? stressed, relaxing, crazy etc.

For some teachers their days are mostly easy, while others have stressful days, and some have both kinds of days depending on their mood, how much work they have, or even just the day of the week.


For Corbett Orchestra teacher Mrs.Tudyk, her day revolves around her children and helping them with things, Mrs. Tudyk the says one of the first things she does when she gets home is help her kids with their homework.


This can cause a lot of stress depending on how the kid acts. Mr.Morrison, The Corbett Woodshop Teacher, has 6 children.He says it is busy and ordered chaos.


Teachers could have fun hobbies that they do in their down time or even when they have free time at school because teachers are people too and they have things that can make them happy.


Their hobbies could vary from sewing or hiking, but for Mr.Morrison, he likes to play outside with his kids,and Mrs. Tudyk likes to cook. It is very obvious that all teachers have different opinions when it comes to having a hobby.


The staff that work at the school had to have had jobs before they became teachers, or else how could they have gotten where they are right now. Some teachers could have had jobs that had to do with education and teaching, or some could have had jobs so they could support themselves.


Mr.Morrison was a carpenter and a car salesmen and Mrs Tudyk worked at H.E.B. They also could have encounters with their students outside of school and BOTH teachers said that the students were usually excited to see them.

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Lives of Teachers Outside School