Behind The Scenes of Corbett’s Drama Club

A scene from the Thanksgiving-themed variety show

A scene from the Thanksgiving-themed variety show

A scene from the Thanksgiving-themed variety show

Olivia Jonas, writer

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Lights! Cameras! Action! All around the world hundreds of plays go on of all different varieties. Our own school has its own drama club that will be having productions this fall. But, do you know what happens behind the scenes on how the plays are put on to run smoothly?

Plays are typically made up of the performers, stage tech’s, director, and props. With all these different elements that have to go into performances, it may seem very confusing to a non-theatre member.

“Without it the whole play would just fail. Each person has their one job to make the puzzle piece fit. Without half the people here, drama club wouldn’t exist,” Emily Holstein, 8th grade girl, said.

The stage tech’s job in putting on the productions is making sure they have the lighting, audio, and curtain’s timing all perfect. This part is very important because you wouldn’t want to walk out on stage and the lights be off. Corbett has a tech crew of one volunteer, which she does an amazing job at helping Mrs.Badillo pick up.

“ One of the stage tech members does lights, another makes sure the curtain is wide enough, another will will mess and check the audio,” Holstein, said.

Actors also have many different things they have to know and do in order for the show to look as professional as it does, such as know not only their lines and blocking, but also everyone’s else’s. So if anyone is to forget a line, they can help improvise to keep it running smoothly.

So besides just the fall production drama club also has other goals. Mrs. Badillo said she wants to put a big UIL show and possibly one more after that. A little bit about this upcoming show is that it will be a Thanksgiving variety show. Within the class people broke off into groups to create their own skit. All scripts are written by the students, adding that extra authenticity.

When asking Mrs. Badillo thought her students would get out of drama club she said                                 “ Confidence, learning how to work well with others, and creative expression.”

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  1. Ari on January 24th, 2018 2:12 pm

    Really good, now I know much more behind the plays. 🙂

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Behind The Scenes of Corbett’s Drama Club