Pet Adoption and Breading

Deja Coleman, Writer

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Pet adoption and breeding is a serious topic, especially now that we have hurricanes and other natural disasters. The pets can get diseases from drinking the dirty water and swimming in it. That is why pet adoption is major right now.


You open up a cage for a new pet to live in, saving two pets lives when you adopt just one.By adopting you can help shelters open cages for more pets in need.


Deven Coleman said “We should have events to adopt dogs and animals, so they have time to clean the shelter.”


The different costs associated with adopting pets include,the pets collar, leash, and sometimes medication they can still be cousty.


Cameron Brady eighth grader said There can be some fees for pets if they do have diseases and if they aren’t that healthy.


The pet adoption cause is going slow.What are ways people can help the shelters and getting other pets adopted? Some ways can be walking the dogs, cleaning cages, playing with them and others just go to your nearest animal shelter and ask.


” They can have fundraisers and when they have the dogs at the fundraisers they can get volunteer with cleaning the cages at the shelters.At  fundraisers they can volunteer to play with them and walk with them,” said Deven Coleman.

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Pet Adoption and Breading