NBA Drafts

Kara Erebia, writer

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The NBA Draft is a competitive series watch as college players go head to head, trying to get drafted to their favorite team.


Cleveland Cavaliers (Lebron James) is at number 1 for the Top 2  teams, because they have 2 NBA titles. Golden State Warriors (Kevin Durant) is at number 2 for the Top 2 teams,  they have 2 NBA titles, tying up with the Cavaliers.


“K.D. is a snake. We were up 3-1 against Golden State then we lost and he went to join them.” said Jordan, my uncle.


An NBA draft is when college basketball players who are good enough to get drafted to an NBA  team that has an interest in picking them. The players play with the NBA team that has an interest in them, and they can either get picked for their team or loose the draft.


“I like the fight during the game.”said jayda,my best friend.


The top 2 players in the NBA are Lebron james and Kevin Durant. They both wear their own shoe brand, it benefits their game positively not negatively.Their game is benefited positively, because the shoe is built around their foot, and made with slight adjustments to the shoe.


“Kyrie 3’s, because they are light,and give you grip and support.”said Jordan, my uncle.

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NBA Drafts