Schools aren’t teaching us correctly.

Miles Crockett, Writer

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You’d expect a “School” to teach us EVERYTHING about life, right? Things like, how to pay tax, how to get a job, how to buy a house, etc.. But, as you probably know, they don’t.  Now, some schools DO offer a “life skills” or “home ec” class, and the first one is the GOOD one, but “Home Ec” is just a front for “cooking” and we get that from our parents. This leads us elsewhere, which is: Why don’t we learn this from our parents? Some may ask. But we can’t, because we have school, and school makes most of our day.

One British rapper, known as Boyinaband wrote a song called Don’t Stay In School, which at first glance seems like a terrible influence for kids, but it’s talking about these great classes we don’t have at school, yet should.

In an interview with someone who’s already in 11th grade, Giselle Crockett, When asked if she thinks that school adequately prepares students for the real world, she said no. She said that school doesn’t teach stuff we want to learn or will even remember. And that it shows, because adults today don’t know anything about what we’re learning in school.

When asked what schools should teach and what to drop, she said that all schools should teach Taxes, Insurance, and Home Ec. instead of a lot of the math and some of the science, because if we want a job in any of the currently taught subjects, we should opt into those subjects, and it’s stupid, because we’d need to relearn all that stuff in college.

These subjects aren’t things that some people WANT, but things we NEED. Again, most people would argue that we need to learn this stuff from our parents or experience, but we don’t have any time to. We get homework, killing our time in the afternoon. We have school, killing time throughout the day. On the weekends, we finally have time to spend with friends, and we literally NEED friends, or some kind of human interaction, to survive. Because, science.

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Schools aren’t teaching us correctly.