Society Battles over Confederate Flag

Angelina Bowers, Writer

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The “war” over the confederate flag needs to stop.


People think the confederate flag is racist because of liberals. People start fighting over it and are trying to erase history. Then all bad happens and they start taking down the monuments. Like in Charlottesville, North Carolina the car killing people. A man drove his car into a crowd of people because they were taking down a confederate monument.


“I think people as human beings have to have  something to hate and if there is nothing they will find a reason to,” said Kate Courtney, a corbett relative.


The confederate flag is a huge part of our history as Americans. Making it disappear will erase and mess up our history. The confederate flag helps us remember our ancestors and helps hold up history. We learn about this in schools and learn about the wars behind it. This flag is a huge part of history.


”I believe it’s an important part of our history and should be viewed as a growing part of our nation,”said Courtney.


Some people are for the removal of this flag because of all the fighting behind it. Also because they think it stands for racism cause of all these people saying it is.


“People need to just leave the flag alone. It is our history and shows what people fought for,” said Mel Baker, a corbett relative.  


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Society Battles over Confederate Flag