Swim team in middle school

Dillon Oder, writer

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Corbett has many sports like football soccer ect. But why is there not a swim team is it just not a good idea, or can we just not afford it?


“I  think Corbett simply does not have enough money,” said Jonathan Lang,


Having a swim team would be a good idea and it would benefit the student that like to swim and maybe those that what to join and be on a swim team for the first time because maybe their parents can’t afford it but the students really wants to be on a team.


“I think having a swim team in middle school is a great idea. Just like any other sport there’s always something new to learn when it comes to swimming .The earlier someone starts swimming the bigger their opportunity to reach their full potential,” said Jonathan Lang.


Not have a swim team in middle school is a problem for high school team because they are not as competitive when the get into high school.


“Yes i think that i could of been a lot better if the was a middle school swim team because when i got to high school swim team i was not as competitive because i didn’t have the feel for competing,” said Jonathan Lang.


For a swim team to get funded we would need a coach and money for equipment and Corbett is already built so it would be difficult but maybe we could do practice in the morning and then have a bus come get us from the schertz pool and we could do that for now.


“ I understand that there would need to be a coach and the would need to be funding for it but if I could coach for Corbett I would coach.” said Jonathan Lang.


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Swim team in middle school