Kids face life problems in their foster homes

Madison Monita, Writer

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There are nearly about 428,000 kids currently in foster homes , yet many of these homes face big issues.


Children “aging out” is a huge problem in the Foster Care System. “Aging out”  is a problem that when children reach an age of majority,  they are placed into the world with nothing and no support. These children have no real education on how the basics and everyday things are needed.


 Another big problem in the system is that every year more and more children are going into care as victims of violence or sexul abuse. This affects how they are taught and what kind of care or education they need yet these standards aren’t met to help these children.  


 In the Foster Care System they have very poor education. These kids lack reinforcement of education at home, and home support. They also don’t have good educational opportunities . Not having the right education at home can affect your future. These kids have higher chances of being homeless, unprepared for employment, and limited to low job skills.


If you know or see any foster children that are struggling, ask to help. You never know how much a little can help.

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Kids face life problems in their foster homes