Unfair Dress Code Becomes Nation Wide Problem

Trina Wade, writer

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Corbett Junior High School dress code is causing problems,girls are starting to complain about how the dress code is not enforced equally between boys and girls.

Boys have better privileges than girls have when it comes to the dress code. Boys are able to wear a lot shorter shorts than girls can. Just look around and see for yourself. As you look around think in your mind, can I wear this, or is this something only boys can wear?How many times have you seen girls get dress coded for the same thing that boys wear?

“I feel like girls have more things restricting the way they dress, but girls also have more options of things they can wear example: dress and skirts,” said Carissa Calhoun, a seventh grade girl.

Boys and their wandering eyes have changed the girl’s dress code. If boys wouldn’t get easily distracted , girls would be able to wear more than they’re able to. Boys and their addiction on looking at girls in certain ways have changed how the girls can dress. It’s unfair that girls have to measure and make sure that their shorts are not too short

”Because it’s sorta unfair that girls have to worry about what we could wear. Girls can wear dresses and stuff but we have to be careful  on how long our shorts are,”said Arianna Goss, a seventh grade girl

Boys are also not allowed to wear open toe shoes just like girls are not aloud too. But that doesn’t mean that boys don’t get away with it. Boys do have some of the same privileges but not all of theirs are the same as ours some are unfair to us and some of them are not  anything like ours meaning we have some more privileges than they do to.

“Believe it’s an issue  because I feel bad because girls are like restricted. We see that they don’t have as many opportunities as guys do, but it’s like, wrong because it’s like the school is trying to put us in uniforms. Like we’re so restricted because girls can’t wear their own clothes,”said Jason Osborn, an eighth grade boy.

We can prevent this dress code for going any future by standing up for what’s right by talking to the principal about how the dress code is unfair. This  dress code problem is becoming something that has caused a lot of commotion. The only way we can stop this commotion is to stand up to the school board and make our voices heard. Some people are scared that if they make their voices heard they will get in trouble, but if you don’t fix it the problem will just get worse. You have to stand up for what’s right and make all of  their voices heard.


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Unfair Dress Code Becomes Nation Wide Problem