Are all fair trials really fair?

Asia Rodriguez, Writer

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In our society, we see trials everywhere, in the news, on social media, and even in our real lives.


A fair trial means separating the guilty from the innocent,protecting against injustice.  The aim of the right is to ensure the proper administration of justice.


An unfair trial means they didn’t provide enough evidence and they just send you to prison because it might have been a very serious crime or there’s no other evidence to testify against them.They judge you before listening to you.


“I don’t think that my, Uncle Thomas had a fair trial because,like,the lawyer was not as good as like,the other persons because they froze his money so he couldn’t,like,afford a better lawyer,’’ said Kimberly Ortiz, seventh grader.


Knowing someone in prison can be really hard because you are used to seeing their face almost every day,and with some,prisons they only let you see an inmate one day out of the week,once a month.Waiting by the door for the mailman to come,waiting for that letter to come,waiting for the answer to the question you asked.For some there’s that darn glass window.NO HUGS,NO HIGH 5, NO KISSES ON THE FOUR HEAD.Wanting to just break the window and just feel their skin one more time.For others,there’s,“Was it me?Am i the reason why they are in there?”You start blaming yourself.


Sometimes prisoners get a fair trial,but with the anger we think that they didn’t because we get blindsided by that person,that we think that they would never be capable of doing anything like that. But honestly,the lawyers try their best most of the time.


Lisa Rodriguez, Corbett parent, finds it very difficult to process that her brother may never get out of prison.That’s really hard for his loved ones his friends and his family.


Criminals deserve a fair trial because a lot of people start to judge other people without listening to what they have to say.They should give everyone a chance to them explain their side of the story.


Why don’t some criminals deserve a fair trial?Because sometimes,in some cases,the judge is corrupted or paid off or other people choose to take law into their own hand. Because of insufficient evidence to prove otherwise.

“I think that everybody deserves a fair trial no matter what,” said Tara Gomez, eighth grader.

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Are all fair trials really fair?