Social Media Leads to Cyber-bullying, Negative Influences

Katie Trevino, Writer

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Do you own a social media account? If so, do you think it has a more positive or negative effect?


Social media makes it very easy for people to pick on someone. People can even make fake identities and say whatever they want, anonymously. Cyberbullying has definitely increased because there are so many new and easy ways to do it, with all the new social media apps.


“I’ve had a few negative experiences where I see people post about others, and, you know cyberbullying. I’ve seen people post negative pictures of people on social media where thousands of people can see,” said Xavier McKinnies, a high school graduate.


Many underaged kids have social media and see innapropriate things. Some of these inappropriate things involve nudity, strong language, and drugs. Social media can be a bad influence for kids and encourage them to do bad things.


McKinnies says little kids underage being on social media, looking at stuff that they’re not supposed to be seeing at their age, is a negative part of social media.


However, social media has also had positive effects such as spreading news fast, meeting new people, and contacting friends.


“If you have a lot of friends that live out of town you can communicate with them and keep in touch with them,” said Janivee Barron, a Corbett parent.


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Social Media Leads to Cyber-bullying, Negative Influences