Perks and Problems of Owning a Feline Friend

Kayla LeDoux, Writer

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Cats are one of the most popular pets to this day, but taking care of one can have its ups and downs.


There are many factors that contribute to making cats so popular and loved by everyone. Whether it’s their irresistible cuteness or their somewhat radiant personalities, people just can’t get enough of them. Many people may just find the company of a quiet companion suitable for them because other pets can be much more noisy.Compared to other animals such as dogs, cats are definitely the easier option. As for others, they could just find the effort of taking care of a cat worthwhile. Whatever reason responsible, it still goes without saying that even though they may look soft and cuddly there are still complications in owning one.

”Dogs require more attention in my opinion,”Eighth grader, Michelle Ton said. She also says that cats don’t require a lot of work.


For the people that own cats, there are both benefits and downfalls. At times it can be hard work and even though a chunk of caring for a cat can be unpleasant or time consuming, good things come out of taking care of one. To care for a cat means that you are responsible for its every need, and although it may be unbearable to clean your cat’s litterbox or tiring to take them to the vet for checkups and giving them baths. In the end, you have quiet friend to brush against your leg and keep you company.


Also, having a cat can teach you more about responsibility. It has even been proven to lower stress rates so you can live a happier and healthier life with your feline friend.


Ninth grader, Lita LeDoux, said that owning a cat is easy for her and that she enjoys spending time with her cat.


Whether from a bad experience or from personal preference, a large number of people don’t like cats. There can be many reasons. For anyone who’s owned a cat, they know how much of a problem they can be sometimes. For one, fur is always everywhere. It’s on your furniture and clothes and in the air which can cause allergies. Not only that, cats can have mood swings. From cute and cuddly to a vicious demon, anyone that has a cat at some point has gotten scratched or bit.


Another small thing some people absolutely hate is how from time to time, their cats bring them dead animals. Ew!


Michelle Ton said , ”Fur is always on me. My cat will get mad all of a sudden if I accidentally brush her paw.”

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Perks and Problems of Owning a Feline Friend