The geekiest party of the year

Bit Force performs at Geektoberfest

Bit Force performs at Geektoberfest

Ciara Proctor

Ciara Proctor

Bit Force performs at Geektoberfest

Ryleigh McCright, writer

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Geektoberfest was a dance made for geeks, It was a Five Nights at Freddy’s themed party where you could be yourself. It was a party where you could sing at the top of your lungs or dance like no one was watching,because no one cared who you were or what you stood for, all they cared about was having fun and that’s what they did.


The Corbett cafeteria was decked out in Five Nights at Freddy’s wallpaper, characters from the game,and when you bought something from the concession stand you would get a party hat like one of the characters. They had four tables for everyone to sit and chill. With Just Dance in front of the stage and a Bit Force concession stand by the lunch line next to the concession stand where you could buy merch.


Seventh grader, Hailey Ledbetter said, “It was a great party, I got to hang out with friends and chill”


Corbett  jr. high got bitforce, a band that plays songs from anime, shows and more.

They played songs from Fairy Tail, Death Note, Pokemon, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul , and many more. The band played well and the crowd was electric.


Seventh grader,Philip Bryan said, “They played many songs I enjoyed.”


People, enjoyed being themselves and meeting new people that have the same interest as them. Its nice to go to parties but its better to go to parties with people who share the same interest as you.

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The geekiest party of the year