Is Society Going Too Far, Or Are We Just Taking Stereotypes Too Seriously?

Cheyenne Pruitt, writer

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Society has gotten pretty bad lately from judging people on looks to telling people how they should and shouldn’t look, think, and/or act. Many people feel society is causing too many problems. How can we change the aspects of society? Well, we could start by not judging others based on what we see or hear.

Society judges many people in many ways. Even if you are a child in 2nd grade, or an adult, you are more than likely being judged by society. Society judges people based on what they wear, how they look, feel, think, or believe. What people don’t understand is that society can really hurt someone. Sometimes people don’t get how the things they say damage others, but how exactly is it affecting others?

Tiffany Strauch, a Corbett mother, said, “It can affect them into being a better person, but sometimes it can affect them to be depressed and self conscious.”

Society works differently between boys and girls. It divides us as humans into groups that we so called “belong in”. For boys, it may be that they’re not fast enough, or they don’t go to the gym as much as they “need to”. For girls, it may be based on that they don’t have the perfect body or clothes.

Tom Strauch, a Corbett grandfather, said that girls are definitely pressured by advertising to feel skinny. They grow to be self conscious of their body shape and think they should fit a particular mold. For guys, advertising seems to focus on guys being the upper, stronger, macho guy that has all the moves,money, and cars to attract the girls. Skinny super beautiful girls will only be attracted to guys that have all the expensive clothes and cars is what most people think.  

Tom Strauch said society has a huge affect on people, like peer pressure. If the majority of society said that something you wear is the most fashionable thing out there, then most people will want it.

As human beings, we think we have to fit in with society or we will be made fun of, but what really matters is being yourself, not being the person sitting next you. We question ourselves everyday, asking what if our outfit wasn’t good enough, what if we didn’t wear the right shoes, or did anyone notice us or were we invisible like we were yesterday. People don’t get that all society does is bring people down most of the time. There are good sides of society, but the parts that aren’t that great out rule the good ones.

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Is Society Going Too Far, Or Are We Just Taking Stereotypes Too Seriously?