Men and women get paid unequally

Gerrian Anthony-Brown, writer

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Men and women are not getting equal pay. Our gender has come so far in this world to get their rights ,but somehow, they still don’t get treated the same.  


Dentists, pharmacists ,especially these jobs, are where our two genders get paid less. Andrea Galloway, seventh grader, she said that it’s not fair and that they both work equally.


 This situation happens because of stereotypes. Like women just staying home and taking care of children or men just doing all the work or that men are stronger, but that’s not true.They think that men work harder, but in reality, men and women do the same thing. Tara Flentie, seventh grader said “Makes me mad because it feels like they’re taking advantage of women. “


 We need to change this. Women and men are still human, and it’s unfair for them to get paid unequally, no one dasked for a certain gender when they were born. All humans need equal opportunities and equality.

Alec Dominguez said to fix the wage gap.

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Men and women get paid unequally