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Most students join Corbett choir because they enjoy singing.Having a class that they can sing with people who also love to sing can help them become better singers and have friends to help them with their singing so that they can become better singers.


Alexis Ledbetter,James Richter and Yazzmine Westbrooks said they joined choir because they liked to sing.


    In Corbett choir, they do a lot of singing exercises that warm up their vocal cords so they can sing and perform better. Some warm ups even include using tall vowels. In choir they don’t choose their own music and they sing all  types of music that is appropriate for school.


“I enjoy the fact that I’m able to sing in  class without people thinking I’m weird”,said Alexis Ledbetter.


  Being in choir helps many of the kids in it by showing them how to use and sing notes they never knew they could sing. It also helps kids that may want music or singing in their future. Choir can also help people get their mind off things such as stress with school.


“It has helped me sing in the right tone and perfect pitch,’’ said Yazzmine Westbrooks.


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