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Students in many schools around the world LOVE to procrastinate on their school work. So I asked some kids from at a few junior high schools.

Some people procrastinate because they are feeling lazy or they are busy,So why do you procrastinate? Why do you think people procrastinate? The real answer is because kids these days think school and their grades don’t matter and they shouldn’t try.

An eighth grader Andrew Robinson said, “I don’t  really procrastinate because of sports and stuff, But I have in the past, but I was being lazy. And I think people procrastinate because they are mostly being lazy.”

A lot of students think procrastination is a good idea. I personally don’t think that procrastinating is really going to get you anywhere in life. It’s not going to make you successful and rich like some kids want these days. Do you think procrastination is a good idea and why?

“I don’t think procrastination is a good idea because it will just set you back in your classes.”  Said by, Andrew Robinson (eighth grader)

So when people get home late some just take a shower and go to bed.I am really hoping you do your homework so you’re not behind.  So when you get home late, do you do your homework or do you procrastinate?

Eighth grade Volleyball player ‘Brittany Longoria’ replied back with, “ I sometimes do procrastinate I mean it just depends on what time you get home or what is going on in your life.”

When the teacher gives you time to do your homework , some kids just put their homework away. When you get your hw, is the first thing you think procrastination? Doing homework in class is a privilege.

“Definitely NOT! If I get that kind of time I use it, because I got sports to take care of!”

Said 8th grader ‘Brittany Longoria’.

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