Schools Need Fishing Clubs

Dayton Gaston, writer

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Many schools don’t have fishing clubs. They should because fishing helps with many skills. It helps kids get away from electronics for a while.

Fishing helps you with a lot of skills like patience, not giving up even when you do not catch something. It also helps you learn a respect for nature and how to protect the environment.

Mr.Villarreal, a counselor said, it teaches important lessons learning how to fish like it teaches how to protect the environment and how to treat nature learning a lifelong skill everyone should know.

They don’t have fishing clubs for a lot of reasons but mostly because of technology. Most kids would rather sit inside and play on their phones or computers than go outside.

“Due to technology it keeps kids more interested in that than the outdoors”,said Jeff Gaston a parent

There are many benefits to having fishing clubs some of these benefits are, getting kids off computers phones etc. for a while. Also it’s a something else for kids to do than just the regular classes or clubs.

Jeff Gaston, a parent said, getting the kids into clubs like these will get them off electronics and into the outdoors.

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Schools Need Fishing Clubs