Divorce and its effect on students

Heaven Vasquez, writer

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Children who have experienced their parents’ divorce display a range of emotional and behavioral reactions in the months following the event. Following their parents separation, children may regress, display anxiety and depressive symptoms, appear more irritable,and experience problems in social relationships and school performance.

     Parents often feel troubled by and unprepared for their children’s reactions to a separation and divorce. How do you think parents getting divorced react on children?

      “I believe they react on kids by depression because ever since they were young their parents have been together and now they are divorced,” said Hector Vasquez, a Corbett parent.

      Compared with children of always-married parents, children of divorced parents have more positive attitudes towards divorce and less favorable attitudes towards marriage. Specifically, adults who have experienced their parents’ divorces and remarriages may feel that marriage is unpredictable and unstable.Is it more difficult for a young child or an adult to experience the divorce of his/her parents?

       “I believe both because they are both going through a difficult and sad time,” said Kristi Sullivan, a Corbett parent.

       Children with divorced parents sometimes suffer with depression and would want their parents back together more than anything. Would you rather want your parents back together, or separated? Explain why.

      “I would want my parents back together because now it’s hard doing family plans with one and not the other,” said Eli Vasquez, a Watts student.

      Young women from divorced families will feel a need for love and attention and yet fear abandonment; they will also be prone to both desire and anxiety. Men raised by parents of an intact marriage can create a more open, affectionate, cooperative partner. Whereas men whose parents divorced are inclined to be simultaneously hostile and a “rescuer” of the women to whom they are attracted.  Who has a harder time dealing with divorce?Boys or girls? Why?

      ” I believe both have an equal effect on each other’s parents being divorced because it’s their parents they love,”said Kristi Sullivan, a Corbett parent.

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Divorce and its effect on students