Pets Relieve Stress?

Emma Peters, Writer

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A incredibly similar problem seen in students during the past few years is stress. How can we stop it? How can we control it?


At our age, the majority of us tend to stress on the daily. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to manage. Studies have shown having a pet or pets can help relieve stress, almost as if having someone to talk to.


“My main causes of stress are homework and school, and what I try to do to manage it is by watching tv shows or read. I don’t really have anything that helps,” said 8th Grader Madison Morgan.


For people who don’t have a pet or pets in their home, they most likely calm their stress by listening  to music, or if you get in an argument with your annoying siblings you might just need to take a break.


“I stress out all the time because I want to make my grades as high as possible, and when I do stress I just try to sleep,” said 8th Grader Amanda Hoffmann.


Pets could relieve stress to some people, but both sides of the research can be seen both ways. If you’re really upset or having a bad day, sometimes pets can sense how you’re feeling and they’ll want to be around you. On the other hand, having pets could also not be helpful at times like taking care of your pet. Then again there’s always a catch to everything, nothing is perfect.


“I do believe that having a pet can help you with stress, but it could pile more stress on you. You have to feed him and make sure he’s safe,” said Madison Morgan.





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Pets Relieve Stress?