Review of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Kailey Morin, Writer

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Percy Jackson has to venture to far off places to stop a war with help of Annabeth and Grover. Together they will find something about themselves that they never knew. Will they succeed in their mission or will there be a war of mass destruction? Find out in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Or read the whole series of five books.

People have different opinions on this book.Like if they like the book or if they think it is poorly written. People might like the author of the book series Percy Jackson so that’s why they read it. Or they might think of it as busy work for when your bored.

One of those people is Madasyn Morin, 8th grader. She says that this book has a unique story.

Another one is Maganne Buhinin, seventh grader, who says that this is a great book and she recommends it to everyone.

This book is a great book for people that don’t read often. It is a great story of literal self discovery of finding out who he is and what he is going to do about all the god’s business.

The kind of people who like adventure or greek mythology would enjoy this book. They would probably enjoy the plot or they could enjoy the characters.

Madasyn says that she would recommend the first book. She says it’s her favorite.

“I recommend this book to everyone,” says Maganne.

Book vs movie is a common debate that some fans have amongst each other within their fandom. Because if the movie isn’t like the book then people are going to be disappointed.

The fact that Annabeth isn’t even a blond is a little detail yet it is a big deal for some people, even Harry Potter films are somewhat similar to the books. Sometimes the book and movie are completely different and that aggravates some fans for they are disappointed that their fandom was let down. The movie has some good things to offer like the quality of the film or how the storyline is close to the book.

“Everything in the movie other than basic things are different. Most of the actors don’t even look like their characters,” said Maganne.

”The book is the original so it’s better, and the book goes into more detail,” said Madasyn.

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Review of Percy Jackson and the Olympians