Long live the Meme

Carley Galvan, Writer

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Memes, you know em’, you love em’.

From classics like “Pepe”, to recents like “It really do be like that sometimes”, memes have been there for us when nobody has.

Memes have much influence on our everyday life as well. They are conversation starters and relationship builders. When two separate people can relate on one thing and laugh about it, their relationship is more likely to prosper.

“Memes have influenced my conversations by adding more spice- they add laughter into a conversation,” said Kaitlyn Carey, an eighth grader.

Many millennials have kept up with memes for as long as they can remember. They don’t know life without the meme. Many people like the term meme, because it covers many categories of “comedy,” meaning, there is a meme for everybody.

Drew Couburn, an eighth grader, says that she can relate good moments to a specific meme (at the time being) and she and her friends relationships have much influence by memes.

People enjoy memes for the sole purpose of good feelings. Memes are always evolving, they can also be a platform for change through shedding light on subjects that don’t get much attention.

Kaitlyn Carey, an eighth grader, says that she brings memes into her daily life and uses them to convey things that couldn’t have the same effect if she didn’t use them.

Long live the Meme

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  1. Ben Longhway on May 30th, 2018 12:59 pm

    One does not simply write an article about memes and not get recognition. Memes are the basic foundation of life… you know?

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Long live the Meme