Optimism: An Intellectual Remedy

Devin Bosch, Writer

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Imagine having that one mindset that really puts you in an incredible mood and seems to be one of a kind. It’s one that exceeds past your psychological lowpoint and is centered around a future of yours. It’s all about the power of optimism and it’s true form of success and positive emotional intellect.


Now what exactly is optimism? It’s a mental attitude of being hopeful for things ahead of time while maintaining a positive and happy outlook on life. Around our time today, optimism could truly become a major component to success and motivation. Due to the mass amount of dispute and terror, it is extremely hard to lift yourself out of that dark abyss of mournful emotions and thoughts. Optimism is essentially beneficial to your overall attitude and behavior though. If only people embraced the concept of this, things in your life could improve greatly and prevent the deterioration of the mind.


“I do think optimism should be a necessity because it can help you keep a positive perspective on life and the future you have ahead,” said Lindsey Gaffney, an eighth grader at Corbett Jr. High.    


“To me, optimism is wanting to be successful. Having the confidence, the ambition, and the drive to get yourself out there and make a change in your own world! But in the future or even now, people might not be happy with that and try to bring you down to their level. But as long as you just have this trust that you can do it, you will be happy,” said Tamia Witherspoon, another 8th grader at Corbett Jr. High.


Behavior and attitude are greatly affected by optimism. Somewhere inside of you there is this inner feeling of self-confidence and motivation that drives you into taking a step up your ladder of achievements and success. A blissful mindset would dramatically aid in getting there. All of that negative energy you get from gloomy days and somber nights could feel incredibly different. Your responses to a majority of the consequences you face could practically feel different all together!


“I do think optimism could place a positive impact on your attitude because it can make you talk more highly of yourself and make you happy and confident. Being optimistic has helped me deal with difficult situations, because it helps me make decisions to benefit my future and be a happier person,” said Gaffney.


“If you’re down and sad, you will react to negative things in an ‘over the top way’ to where you feel like you want to give up and stop trying,” said Witherspoon.


But just so you remember, not everyone in this world is joyful and hopeful. Nobody is perfect. Optimism could totally change the way society looks at a future. Embracing the perseverance and cheerfulness can dramatically change the way you look at others and how they look at you. People would look up to you and would want to be as hopeful as you. You never know. If people around you were optimistic like yourself, there’s no telling what possibilities and doors may open ahead of time.


“I prefer to be around optimistic people because they can make you optimistic as well. They can impact your attitude and help you stay motivated to think positive of your future,” said Gaffney.


“I feel like these days, people are really depressed and upset about who they are. There is just a lot of hate being said. Maybe if people were just more proud of who they are becoming, society would be more happy. People would spread more love instead of hate,” said Witherspoon.


With all the good you’re probably thinking about, there’s always the opposing side. Not everyone is so bubbly. They tend to look at the negative side of things. Their minds worsen because of what they believe will happen when there’s an issue or a consequence to something. For example, saying that you have a headache as an excuse to not do anything for a day can worsen your mental health and medical state, surprisingly. It’s quite amazing what the mind can do to the body. This is what you call a pessimist, the utterly complete opposite of an optimist. They feel as though there is nothing good to come their way and that determination is only just a contradiction. People shouldn’t have to feel that way. Never forget about the brighter side of things. There is always a way out of that dark void. Take that into consideration.


“I consider myself more of an optimist because I like to think about my future and the good that it will have and how it will change me to be the best person I can be,” said Gaffney.


“I am more of an optimist of course because I have so much confidence in who I am, how I came to be, and the choices I have made so far in life. Nothing or no one can take that confidence away from me,” said Witherspoon.


You can’t be happy everyday of your life, but you don’t have to encourage that negativity. You just need to trust yourself on this one and think about your choices. Optimism could be such an important necessity in feeling genuinely happy about life and for what lies ahead. If you’re not in the greatest state right now, be strong, for the world is broad and wide.  You have no clue of lies beyond the depths of your mind.

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  1. Lindsey Gaffney on May 30th, 2018 2:44 pm

    Your article is SUPER good! Very proud of you for this! You can write really well! Keep helping others be optimistic!

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Optimism: An Intellectual Remedy