Causes and Effects of Stricter Gun Laws

Hailey Spurlock, writer

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Stricter gun laws have come up because of school shootings. But we don’t talk about how guns have saved us many, many times . For example, during the church shooting in Sutherland Springs,TX, the man  stopped the shooter with a gun. Even during the school shooting at Cliff HS, the school security stopped him with a gun. But neither of these people made the news long enough for appreciation or understanding to what saved multiple lives.   


The worst part is people who don’t deserve to have to go through background checks now have to go through stronger ones.The best part is probably that we can find people with mental health issues to get them help or prevent them from buying a gun for the wrong reasons.


Coach Balderas, a coach at Corbett Jr High says, “ The best part about gun laws is it helps keep us safe. Bad part, it divides us as a nation because it’s such a sensitive subject .Some people don’t know how to compromise.”


Stricter gun laws have arose because laws have been broken, yet multiple other laws have been broken but not talked about. Why change only one law when multiple are being broken? For example, a 25 year old man in Toronto rented a van and killed 10 people and injured 13 others.Yet we aren’t getting stronger laws on cars, are we?

Coach Balderas states, “Like most laws, something happened that either got people hurt or killed so a change was made. Gun control didn’t happen overnight. People fight for what they believed to be right.”


Laws are here to keep us “safe” yet many times they have failed. Stricter gun laws are not going to be the solution. If people are already breaking laws, making another one will not help.


“No, people who already have guns might go crazy and there is NOTHING a law can do about it,” says 8th grader, Xadrian Moore.


Until we come together and find a REAL solution besides writing words on paper, nothing is going to change.

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Causes and Effects of Stricter Gun Laws