Is Artificial Intelligence Getting Too Smart?

Michelle Ambriz, Writer

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Artificial Intelligence these days is what we consider advanced technology. Although it might be a good thing to have advanced tech, there are also some problems that we have to pay attention to.  


Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics came  out with a robot that is way more advanced than any other robot and achieved the goal of Sophia being a citizen, meaning that she has all the rights that a normal human has.


7th grader Megan C. said “ She shouldn’t be able to be just like us because, she can say she’s human, very friendly, but she is just waiting to kill us.”


Researchers of the UTSA Open Cloud Institute are looking to make AI learn like humans do without having to program them. Their goal is to make them smarter so that it can help us. Some of the advantages it will give is that the advanced technology will help with health issues such as healthcare or help with medical diagnoses.


A 7th grade boy said“There’s pros and cons to that, pro; I get to be even more lazy. Con; technology might one day turn its back on humanity and try to kill us.”


A robotics team at Plymouth University believes that the AI they invented will be able to determine the probability of life in other planets. They have trained the AI to classify into five categories estimating the probability of life on them.


Stephen Hawking addressed the topic in a conference  saying how AI might be “worst event in the history of our civilization” unless our society finds a way to control it. He agrees that AI can come in handy in some cases, like to help undo some damage that has been done on the surface of our planet. He admitted that there is no way of knowing if AI will try to completely destroy humanity or if it will work with us to make things better.


7th grader Megan C. said “Artificial intelligence is going to end bad. Robots might become too smart and kill us all.”

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Is Artificial Intelligence Getting Too Smart?