Fake News

Anthony Lara, Writer

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As technology lets us communicate and spread news faster, we can sometimes not get every fact right. This can lead to some false information being spread.


One good example of this is the crisis of last year where we thought there would be no gas for a while. We later found out that this was a major exaggeration and overreaction.

“It was ridiculous,” says Rose Lara.


As this happens more and more, people are beginning to question whether they trust the news for their information. Many people and politicians are trying to prove the news wrong. One example of this is Donald Trump calling CNN ‘fake news’.

“I don’t really know if they’re telling me the truth,” says George Lara.


One way to tell if the news channels are not telling you the truth or the whole truth, is to compare the article to other articles. You should also research the site and author to see if they are really credible.

“I just take the author’s word for what they write,” says Tony Lara.

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Fake News