Second amendment still necessary for our life

Wesley Mann, Writer

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The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms. This means I have the right to own a firearm and no one can stop me. If someone tries to stop you they are infringing on your rights. The Second Amendment does a whole lot for us. It allows us to own firearms for sport or protection. When the amendment was made it was made to protect people against Britain’s militia trying to take down U.S. citizens. We made it so we can protect ourselves from a monarchy government trying to hold people down and control them. It was made so people where their own line of defense instead of the government.


A big argument from the left is that times have changed, so we need to change it. Times haven’t changed though. We are still under attack from other place such as Syria, Iraq, and Korea. We need to protect ourselves from these nations before they try attacking us. If we get rid of the Second Amendment and we lose our guns, we might be attacked and we can’t do anything ourselves  to help.


Weapons aren’t dangerous, it’s the person pulling the trigger. We need to stop attacking guns it’s not the gun’s fault. Last time I checked guns don’t grow legs and shoot themselves. We have to blame the person doing it. If we get to the actual problem of the person instead of the gun we could do a whole lot more. If someone ran over people with a car who do we blame. We blame the person, so why is it different with guns. We should blame the person no matter what happens. It’s always the person fault because they made the conscious decision to do it.


Stricter gun laws is a dumb idea. It would do nothing for us except make people mad. When we get down to it criminals don’t follow the laws so they would get the guns in a unlawful way. Also more importantly what would we ban?


There is no such thing as an assault weapon. An Ar-15 is not an assault rifle. It’s a hunting rifle and sport gun, before you say the military uses it, they don’t. They use M16 the Ar-15 is the civilian model. If were gonna call an Ar-15 an assault rifle because it can hurt people, are we going to call cars assault cars because we can run each other over?


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Second amendment still necessary for our life