Gun Control in America

Celeste Keiser, Writer

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Gun control has been an important topic that has come up in social and political arguments with the recent school and mass shooting that have occurred.  


Is gun control needed in today’s American society? Should we ban all guns or just certain people from using guns?


” Yes. Though I do not think that no guns should be allowed, I feel that more laws and restrictions should be implemented for our safety,” said Kiana Kaiser, eighth grader.

How does gun control tie in with our Second Amendment? Mind you, the Second Amendment right to bear arms was created when we were at war and we needed to protect  ourselves from government officials. Some people counteract that statement by saying that we still need to protect yourself from modern day criminals.


“The amendments need to be amended,” says Mariah M.


Mental health has also come into question when talking about gun control. Many people/ government representatives use bad mental health as a scapegoat for many school shootings and mass shootings. Is mental health the real reason behind many mass shooters motives?And if so why are we not getting more help for people with mental illnesses?


 Kiana Kaiser said,  “I think mental health has a lot to do with the amount of school shootings.“


Age is one of the many concerns that pop up when the problem of gun control is mentioned. As of this very moment, you can legally purchase a firearm (of course with a background check and other things of that nature). Many people think that an eighteen year old is way too young to be able to purchase a firearm. I think raising the legal age of buying a firearm to at least twenty-one would be very beneficial.


 “ Twenty-one is probably a better age, even though eighteen year olds are legally adults, a lot of them are still very immature,” says Kiana Kaiser.


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2 Responses to “Gun Control in America”

  1. dylan nunez on May 30th, 2018 1:51 pm

    guns should be allowed because most of the guns in shootings are un registered

  2. angelina on May 30th, 2018 1:53 pm

    Gun control isn’t about making the laws stricter its being stricter on who has them and arming teachers at schools. if someone was going to shoot up a school do you think they would if there was armed veterans at the doors? no.

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Gun Control in America