Softball: The Magic Behind The Game

Olivia Jonas, Writer

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IN FIELD GO ONE! OUT FIELD GO TWO! DOWN AND READY GIRLS! In a game with so many different moves and plays it’s often easy to get lost in all the madness. But, that’s just the start, teams have to go through hours of practice before even thinking about getting on the field for game day. Here’s how we do it.

Softball is a sport about always being on your toes and you as well as your team, always knowing what’s happening.  Being a first year player is always hard. People yelling words that sound like gibberish, getting the ball and not knowing what to do with it. It takes hard work and determination to learn everything. My team practices for at least four hours a week perfecting plays, calls, batting posture, and many other things.

You should always be game ready and always give it your all even if its BVYA, (Buffalo Valley Youth Association) it’s still a team, it’s still your career, it’s still your life. Hard work always pays off, especially with something you want,” said Kiki, ninth grade Clemens softball player.

Two practices, twice a week, for hours with your team. You’re with these 9-16 girls a lot. My softball team is definitely like my other family. Doubt often creeps onto the field in the worst ways after a bad hit, being called out, or missing an easy catch. Having a team with such tight bonds make everything easier. You know that they have your back no matter what. If you tried to steal when you weren’t supposed to, they will still uplift you even if you got out. It’s one of the most important things to have on\off the field.

“ My favorite part about being on a team is obviously playing, but also that I get to see everyone and how well we all get along. We play great together and we put in so much work, we all try to make each other happy when we mess up or we’re having a bad day. I love my team for that,” said Jaeliz, ninth grade Clemens softball player.

All the hard work during the week is now being put to the test on the field. One wrong play and you could cost your team the game. But, all the practice paid off. The swift throw, catch, and swipe made by the 3rd basemen makes her, OUT! However often times that’s not how the plays happen. The ball gets thrown to the wrong base, not caught, or just simply walked to the pitcher. Which can be difficult for the defensive players who made that play perfect at practice. Too bad everyone wasn’t at practice.

“ Yes, I would love to see them to see how hard we work at practice cause when we get to games we get scared and don’t play as well. So people think we’re not good, but that’s wrong. It stinks playing bad in front of everyone when you know you’re a beast at practice,” said Samarah, eighth grade softball player.

Next time you’re sitting in the stands or at home watching a game you should think about all the work and effort that got put into preparing for the games. The very important thing to remember is it’s just a game. If you lose one, there’s always going to be more.


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Softball: The Magic Behind The Game