Music and its effects on society

Ginger Wiseman, Writer

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Music is something that we listen to everyday, and  has affected many generations of people in many ways. Music is a way to cope with things. Music can change your mood, whether it’s in a good or bad way. People around the world listen to music to concentrate, to exercise, to dance, and to cope with things.


“If it’s sad music, it can make you sad or depressed. But if it’s happy music, you can get in a good mood. Any music that makes you happy is a good genre. Makes you feel good about yourself,” said Kaely Cisco, 7th grader.


As teens, we are starting to get inspired by celebrities and the actions they make. For example, if we see a celebrity wearing a certain type of clothes, or acting a certain way, teens think they should act like that because they get inspired or are influenced by them or the music they make



 “Most rapping now a days are about drugs and stuff. And that makes kids do drugs. Cause they wanna be cool like their favorite rapper. It just depends,” says Janine Alapag, 7th grade girl.


Nowadays, we’re starting to realize that the music we listen to, has some type of meaning or reason behind that song. Artists can make a simple, upbeat song that may not sound like they put much reason into the song, but behind those words can hold a meaning.


“Prince Royce is good, Drake. And Selena and Nicki Minaj. It’s catchy. Just cause of where they came from, and how they came. What they were before, and how they are now,”  said Krystina Villa, 7th grade girl.

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Music and its effects on society