Lockdowns: Fake or Real?

Mykayla Tapia, Writer

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Are we doing enough during lockdowns to keep the staff and students safe? Is there more that we could do in order to pertain the goal of everyone being safe?


Kids text their parents which is completely fine, but they should still take precaution as they might attract the person in the school that caused the lockdown.The kids are on their phone which produces light and can attract a shooter. Which all they have to do is shoot the window, then they can open the door by reaching in the window and turning the knob.


There are kids getting locked out during lockdowns and not getting let in because the teachers are afraid of exposing the other students to danger. The question is whether or not it would be appropriate for the teachers to let the kids stay out there. [Let them in? Or Keep them out?]


Mrs. Herring, the Corbett Junior HIgh School 7th and 8th grade math and literacy teacher, said “Yes, you should because it is state policy.” therefore stating that you should let the student in.


We practice lockdowns for a reason, so playing around would not be very appropriate in those situations. If we never were to take them seriously then what if we think that it is just another lockdown drill? We won’t know how to be serious and that could get us and those around us hurt.

“We have lockdowns for a reason… to keep us safe. Don’t play around” said Armando/ Aiden Caro, a local 8th grader at Corbett Junior High School.


Safe rooms would be severely necessary for every school to obtain inside every individual classroom. So when there is a lockdown, you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving the classroom in order to lock the door and you could just go inside the safe room and lock the door from inside the room.


Another issue could be the fact that teachers are not paying enough attention to what students are bringing into school. For example, in one text message, a student texted his dad saying “They just found a bullet in the bathroom, somebody tried to flush them down the toilet.” was in a local Mississippi school called Alcorn central High School. Therefore, the teachers did not have the audacity to check the students bag. Honestly it would have looked a little suspicious for a student to be taking their bag to the restroom, especially if they are a male.

Whether it be a drill or not it matters that everyone is putting forward the same 100% to keep the school safe.


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Lockdowns: Fake or Real?