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Fayeth Porter, writer

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We all know Disney is a magical place, and every kid dreams of going.


The parks and rides are the best part about it. Epcot is the park to go to if you want to relax. It has smooth rides that are suitable for kids and adults. Epcot is all about technology, the main attractions at Epcot is the silver golf ball, test track and soarin. The golf ball is a smooth ride up the the inside talking about space, test track simply go around a track in a car at a fast speed, and soarin is a flight around the world.


At magic kingdom the princess castle is a must.  The seven dwarfs mine train is the best ride for children who are just getting into enjoying rides. It is a roller coaster that goes up, down and side to side then takes you into a mine tunnel.  Magic Kingdom is the best park for small children and is all about princesses, Mickey and Walt Disney.


Hollywood studios main attractions are the hotel Tower of Terror and Aerosmith’s Rockin Roller coaster. Both rides are mainly for thrill seekers but there are many more rides at the park that other kids can enjoy. Hotel tower of terror takes you through a scary hotel and ends with a 13 story high drop. Aerosmith’s rockin roller coaster starts in aerosmith’s ‘limo’ and blast off with twist and turns and glow in the dark signs during the ride in the dark. Hollywood studios features star wars, disney pixar and toy story land.


And the last park, Animal Kingdom. This is my favorite park because of all the rides. This park includes  mount everest, dino, and pandora flight of avatar. Jake Teske, 7th grader, said his favorite ride is Mount Everest because it goes in the dark and backward. Mount everest goes up a mountain and drops you , it goes in the dark, backwards and has many steep drops. Pandora flight of avatar is awesome! You sit on a motorcycle like chair, and in front of you is a big screen. It feels like you’re on a bird that is flying all around. When you pass water, water goes in your face, it feels so real and it is the best ride ever. This park definitely gets very crowded, so make sure to get there early.  


Disney food and service is great in my opinion.  “ I like the food, but I really think it is way too expensive” said Mrs.Richardson, 7th grade LA teacher. Disney has a variety of food choices and has a big variety of restaurants choices at each of the parks and hotels. Though I do agree that it is a bit overpriced, there are many different packages you can get to slim down the prices when booking your vacation.


A few things people should know before they go are, make sure to get to the park early because the parks get crowded fast. You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes, because it is a lot of walking.  

“ Do not go during the 4th of july, it’s overpriced, crowded, and hot. The best time to go is during the fall.  Fast passes are not worth the money in the summer,” said Mrs.Richardson, 7th grade LA teacher.

In my opinion if you are traveling to Disney with kids you should purchase fast passes because lines can get up to 5 hours, and that is a lot of waiting with children! And make sure to book your vacation a few months in advance.


Disney is an awesome place to take a vacation and I truly recommend it. Though it might be expensive, in my opinion it is worth the price.


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Disney World