Kyrie Irving’s Impact on Basketball History

Serenity Castillo, Writer

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Kyrie Irving has amazed people with how much hard work he puts into his work and games. He has impressed  many people and still continues to do exactly that. But some people may not like some of his moves as an NBA player.


When it comes to Kyrie’s moves and handles, people usually say he is overrated, but he actually made it to the MVP award ceremony and won.


Kori Neal, eighth grade athlete, said they were very quick and fast.


Kyrie Irving is a very independent hard worker for his team. People need to know why he deserves to be put in the NBA.


Yuni Garcia, eighth grade athlete, said he put work and effort into his hardwork and he got himself into it.


I was concerned if people knew any of his moves and how they can compare to Kyrie is known for his outstanding moves as an amazing player. His crossovers are amazing and could break anyone’s ankles. “The Bait Crossover” tricks the player into making them think they are going left, but they are really going right.


“The step-back shot because it goes straight in after,” said Kori Neal.


Kyrie Irving has been coming out with some of his amazing clothing brands that include shoes, T-shirts, and phone cases. I would recommend the Kyrie Irving shoes. They have spectacular grip and come in many designs and colors. In addition, they are also affordable.


“They’re good shoes,” said Kori Neal.

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Kyrie Irving’s Impact on Basketball History