What Art Means to the World

Some students express their creativity in Art Club.

Some students express their creativity in Art Club.

Some students express their creativity in Art Club.

Kayla Ledoux, writer

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Music, literature, movies, games. All of these different art forms fuel the world with imagination and creativity that affect people in different ways.


Dating back thousands of years, art has always been a big part of communities. Art has helped build societies and give people the ability to express themselves. It helps spark culture and controversy by sharing ideas. From music, movies, and even architecture, it’s for sure one of the building blocks that have helped make society into what it is today.


Eighth grader, Michelle Ton says,” Art in our society is one of the areas where people can get together to share and bond.”


Art can also help you. Music, literature, dance, and drawing are but a few of the possibilities art offers. If you have thoughts that you can’t express with words or bottled up emotions you need to let out, art can be a great stress reliever. You can kick back and relax while listening to your favorite tunes or get rid of boredom by filling your day with little projects or drawings. Any form of art can be an interesting hobby. Art offers opportunities to expand yourself and meet different people.


Ninth grader, Lita LeDoux says she thinks people look to improve themselves when trying art.


Although art makes good experience, sometimes the people who create art don’t have the best ones. Many times, artists struggle with the quality of their own work. Often times they fall in a rut and their work doesn’t ever seem to match up to their expectations. It sucks but it’s just something an artist has to deal with especially if their goal is to improve themselves. No matter what it is, art is challenging. It takes time, practice, and dedication to master, but even if it’s difficult, you shouldn’t let that bring you down.


Lita LeDoux says that a lot of time people get discouraged and lose interest in art because they put themselves on a high standard.


Art comes in many different forms and affects everyone’s lives in various ways. From learning something new to relieving stress, art can improve your life.

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What Art Means to the World